EWSR Interpretation Centre

Conceived and developed by ALTA_International Creative Alliance, the Interpretation Centre of the Ericeira World Surfing Reserve is a highly innovative and interactive project that uses cutting edge technology to create a unique immersive experience.

A custom-made video-mapping system, projecting over a 4-metre-long model of the Reserve presents and explains all of its main characteristics. At the centre of this experiential platform is an interactive table - a topographical model of the Reserve, along with a bathymetric relief of the area. Using advanced projection and video-mapping technologies the table encourages the public to participate through a process that is truly dynamic and engaging. Commanded by a touch screen that interacts with the model through projections and video-mapping, the table also includes 7 iPads with information about each of the Reserve’s 7 waves, which can be consulted individually.

This technology-driven interpretation centre is an important contribution to the environmental sustainability of this region. It is a revolutionary communication model, and was completely designed and created for this purpose, through the use of highly complex software and technology.

Kinect Interactive Gallery

This project also included the installation of a Kinect video-wall – a technology that allows the audience to interact with projected content through body movement. Users can enlarge, minimize, direct and pause as well as freely navigate through an immersive experience. A truly contemporary and completely natural tool that functions without any physical mediation such as buttons or touch-screens.